Welcome to MFA! 歡迎來到明星足球訓練館!

Master Football Academy UK Limited (MFA) was established in Taipei during the summer of 2004. Our main objective is to develop confident and creative young players who have self-belief and the right attitude.  We place great emphasis on good sportsmanship, team work, respect of others and leadership on and off the pitch.

Being a foreign company our coaches bring International qualifications with life-long enthusiasm and experiences in the beautiful game that is transferred in our passion to deliver a progressive and rewarding program.

We have coached thousands of children through the years and achieved some fantastic results! Our main drive is to encourage and develop players from a young age, as its those early years that helps nurture the skills and enthusiasm required in later life.

Our philosophy is very simple; Develop good people, and great players!






The MFA Way! MFA的足球哲學!

Fact:  Global studies have proven that regular exercise reduces stress and increases oxygen flow to the brain which improves concentration levels and subsequent improved results in the classroom. Sport is therefore considered a compliment to academic study to offer students a more rounded-education!

At MFA our first and main priority is for every member to enjoy football through the delivery of our FUN, Progressive and Rewarding Program taught in English! Whatever the player wants to achieve in the sport we have something suitable for every young player no matter their available time, gender or ability.

MFA coaches are trained to deliver structured sessions catering to age and ability to maximize learning. As an example; for kindergarten players we will use language they can relate to such as colours, shapes, characters and objects. No matter the players age our coaches will constantly seek continuous feedback on the given challenges to foster problem solving and creativity.

At each step of their development MFA reward players with the relevant level badge, encouraging the youngsters to work hard to attain the next level. A total of 8 levels exist in our Master Badge System taking beginners through to Elite Level and hopefully beyond for those who are truly dedicated to progress.






We also stand for Positive Encouragement! Whether from team-mates, parents or our coaches we will not tolerate any negativity! Self-belief cannot prosper from being blamed for a mistake or screamed at in a game. In fact we welcome mistakes as this is how we learn best!

Playing the Game is the Best Teacher of the Game – at MFA we firmly believe youngsters should have the opportunity to play regular competitions which not only teaches the game but also winning and losing in the correct manner - an essential life-long skill. ALL MFA Players have the opportunity to demonstrate their newly learnt skills by participating in our internally organized Victory Leagues & Tournaments! For the more advanced players we register Select Teams in external competitions around Taiwan and participate in overseas events & camps.

The MFA Way is truly the most accomplished environment for players of all abilities to enjoy exercise, make new friends, learn life skills as well as play & progress in the beautiful game!

MFA非常講求正面的鼓勵,我們不希望孩子收到任何負面的評論或指責,不論是來自於家長、隊友抑或是教練! 我們不介意孩子犯錯、失誤,反而完全接受並指引孩子們正確的方向和判斷,從錯誤中學習。

參加比賽即是最好的老師 -  MFA相信從比賽中學習技巧及團隊合作等是最迅速且最有效的方式。孩子們應該經常參加比賽,從勝利和失敗中去學習,不僅僅是技巧上的切磋更是要學習品行和運動家精神! 所有的MFA學員都有機會報名參加MFA VICTORY聯賽,目的就是為了讓每位孩子都有機會比賽,將平時的訓練運用在比賽中,除此之外,MFA也舉辦夏/冬令營,甚至安排孩子出國參加正統的英國足球夏令營….等各種國內外足球活動/比賽。







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